About me

My name is Olfa Ben Ahmed, I am a Ph.D. in Computer science from LaBRI (Laboratoire Bordelais de Recherche en Informatique), universtiy of Bordeaux

Sinc Septembre 2015, I am Research and teaching assistant at the university of Limoges and the ICONES team from XLIM research center, supervised by Pr. Christine FERNANDEZ

During my phd, I have done my research in the "Image et son" reasearch team from LaBRI, under the supervision of Pr. Jenny BENOIS-PINEAU and Pr. Chokri BEN AMAR in collaboration with Pr. Michèle Allard from the Cognitive and Integrative Neuroscience Aquitaine Institute INCIA


Research topics

  • Medical image retrieval for computer aided diagnosis (CAD)
  • Machine learning for computer aided diagnosis
  • Neuroimage data indexing and classification
  • Content-based image retrieval/classification (CBVIR)
  • Pattern recogntion in medical image
  • Multimodal fusion ( MRI, DTI) for CAD
  • Alzheimer’s disease-related visual signature recognition
  • Features extraction
  • Early Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis